Unfair competition and parasitism law

The law firm Christophe Caron very often provides its services in unfair competition and parasitism disputes, both as a plaintiff and a defendant, in a wide range of business sectors. At the borderline of intellectual property law, unfair competition and parasitism can be a real challenge to a company.

The firm also advises its clients on the best strategy to adopt in order to defend themselves or protect themselves against unfair competition or parasitism, and supports them against competitors who do not comply with business ethics, both in pre-litigation or in court.

It provides legal representation in court to seek provisional measures. It assists its clients during negotiations and advises them on their defence strategy.

Before marketing a new project, companies can consult it to identify any potential issue and the firm will make every effort to provide hands-on answers to work around them.

Drafting and negotiating agreements and contracts are also a significant part of the firm’s activities.

  • Pre-litigation and Litigation (provisional measures, court proceedings, etc.)
  • Contracts, negotiation and drafting MOUs
  • Strategic consulting
  • Audits and Consulting (simple and complex issues)