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The firm provides multiple services including end-to-end handling of complex and standard litigation, drafting contracts, sensitive or standard consulting, occasional or permanent advisory assignments, arbitration and mediation, etc.


Management of all simple or complex litigation procedures:

Proceedings before the High Court and the Court of Appeal (referred, motion, actions on the merits, fixed day, incident).

Proceedings before the Commercial Court (shortly, actions on the merits) and the industrial tribunalSeizure-infringement and provisional measures.

Oppositions before the National Institute of Industrial Property.

Proceedings before the institutions of the European Union (EUIPO, TPUE, CJUE)


Pre-litigation strategiesProtection strategiesSituation audit and valuation of rights


Academic consultations (issued to companies or lawyers) to be produced in court or internally.

One-time simple consultations or follow-up.


Drafting of contracts
Audit of contracts
Contractual strategy
Contract negotiation
Divestiture contracts
License agreements
Coexistence agreements
Audiovisual contracts
Contracts for music, publishing and advertising

Arbitration and mediation

Counseling during arbitration proceedings

Referee function

Mediation, conciliation and negotiation


Public Affairs

Drafting of proposed laws, amendments

Relations with the public authorities