Patent law

The law firm Christophe Caron provides patent law services across a range of legal proceedings: litigation and pre-litigation proceedings (seizure, patent infringement, invalidity claims, etc.), proceedings before CNIS [the French employee invention commission], INPI and EPO, plus all types of proceedings (mediation, arbitration) involving patented inventions.

The firm also provides consulting, audit and valuation services. It assists its clients during negotiations and helps them to innovate with the aim of protecting themselves against any infringement of third party rights.

Drafting contracts (business agreements, licences, sales & assignments) is also a significant part of its business activities.

In addition, the firm consults for companies and some law firms in response to their specific and general questions relating to this highly complex and specialised field.

The firm is aware of the highly significant financial issues at stake in patent law, and supports clients (in all business sectors) from the audit stage all the way to litigation.

  • Pre-litigation and Litigation (courts, INPI [French intellectual property office], EPO, CNIS)
  • Contracts (licensing, assignment, etc.)
  • Advice (strategy, innovation support, etc.)
  • Contract audits
  • Consulting (simple and complex issues)